It's Been Years...


It's been years since I last painted my own nails, which is a shame because I have quite lovely nails. In fact, they're probably my favourite feature. I just find painting them such a tedious activity. Plus I'm incredibly impatient. The only reason I even keep up with cutting and filing them is because I can't play video games when they're too long (long nails & keyboards aren't a winning combination). 

Anyway, for Mother's Day I treated mine to a gel manicure from Nails Inc. Whilst I was picking up the voucher I spotted their gel colours, I couldn't resist picking up a couple for myself. I'm not big into garishly bold colours so these two were perfect. I have the pink on right now (apologies for the lack of pictures) but trust me, it's a beautiful shade. I was very surprised at how easily the paint went on. I remember nail painting as a fiddly and annoying task! I guess that's the difference between a £4 varnish from Barry M and a £15 one from Nails Inc. I'd highly recommend them and I feel like this might be the start of a beautiful thing. 

Thanks for reading, pals

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