March Primark Purchases


Today after work I decided to brave the hell that is Oxford Street Thursday night shopping. With Mother's day just 3 days away, I realised it was about time I went to pick up her present. Unfortunately for me, she had her eyes set on an OPI hand cream that every department store was sold out of. A very disappointing trip in that respect, but hey, I got some exercise! 

I knew there were a few small purchases I wanted to make in Primark so I headed down to one just opposite Marble Arch station. Now, I've been dying for a decent beauty blender since I lost my last one. They're the ONLY tool that's converted me away from applying my foundation with a brush. There's nothing like the soft sponge of a genuine beauty blender. In the meantime, I stupidly bought a fake version from Superdrug which didn't measure up to the real thing. I'd heard rumours that Primark was now stocking dupes that were just as soft and supple as the real thing and oh my God, I can confirm those rumours are true! And for only £2! Sticking to the makeup department, I couldn't resist picking out one of the Get Lippy Matte Collection lip kits (review incoming!). 

I've been meaning to buy fishnet tights for a good 4 months now and I can finally wear them underneath "mom jeans" for all of that K fashion goodness. Honestly I thought I was going crazy... As soon as I wanted fishnet tights, they had disappeared from every shop in London! Finally, the two bralets. I am OBSESSED with them right now. I am all about wearing no bra or bras that feel like you're wearing no bra (c'mon it's the biggest advantage to small breasts!). I actually have the dusky pink bralet in 3 colours now and I'm dying to pick up the matching bottoms, which they weirdly didn't stock in that specific Primark. The floral one just made me feel like a pretty Spring fairy! Who doesn't want to feel like that?! Anyway, what do you think of my purchases? 

Thanks for reading, pals

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  1. Hey! Nice post. Can't wait to read your review of the Get Lippy Matte.

    "c'mon it's the biggest advantage to small breasts!" haha this is so true and those are nice bralets as well.