Goodbye Winter Coat


Beret - eBay
Trench coat - Warehouse
Glasses - EyeBuyDirect (Chillax)

We're actually having unusually moderate weather for this time of year in London which means I can pack away my Winter coats and make way for the Spring. This lightweight trench is my favourite from my coat collection (okay, maybe it's on par with the navy wool cape) and I've teamed it with a beige beret and my glasses for the ultimate private investigator look. You'll have to trust me that it's beautiful from top to bottom as I could only take landscape pictures (sorry, I'm still working it all out!). I bought it a year or two ago but I can vouch for the quality that I presume Warehouse still produce their trench coats with.   

I hope you enjoyed the self portraits above, I call this look a "poor man's Burberry advert". I can't believe I actually braved going outside to take selfies with my tripod and remote! One small step for Sophie, one giant leap for my photography skills. My confidence is rising more and more every day. 

Thanks for reading, pals

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