Natural History Museum: After-school Club for Grown-ups


What could be better than an after hours 18+ visit to the Natural History Museum?! The NHM is such a nostalgic place for me, and pretty much everyone within a commutable distance to London. Many a time did I visit as a small girl (>inb4 you're still small...) and I have the fondest memories of entering via the Earth galleries entrance where you ascend into the giant metallic planet-like globe. Don't even get me started on the Earthquake simulator, always a crowd favourite! Unfortunately, both of these areas were either cordoned off or no longer exist. 

I saw the After-school club advertised on their site around a month prior to the event and I managed to rope a few friends into coming with me. I say rope, the beautiful girl featured in the photos above is my friend Alice who is no stranger to the NHM (more specifically, the dinosaur section) and she played the perfect tour guide for the trip. 

Let's get onto the event. It cost £30 for the 3 hour session and unfortunately, I'm not convinced it was the best value for money. There was the option to pay more and enjoy a late night silent disco in the reptile exhibition but let's be honest, has there ever been a good silent disco? Nope. It's worth noting for those not from England that we have some very impressive museums and the general admission price is zero great British pounds.  

Upon entry to the museum, we were greeted by energetic staff members donned in "classic" headmaster costumes (mortarboards and all) who offered us our wristbands and goody bags. Within the goody bags, we got assigned our house (go Owl House!), a map of the museum and a small bag of Haribo. The cloakroom was free (yay!) but the 20 min queue was less than ideal when you have such a limited time to get around everything. That was a short queue in comparison to the face painting. Don't get me wrong, the designs were beautiful - animal print with glitter and gems - but I was not prepared to wait my turn.

Obviously with Alice leading we started with the dinosaur section. They had turned out the lights and given us torches each, allowing us to experience something entirely different to what you would see in the daytime. Exciting? yes. Slightly unnerving? yes. Good for photos? hell no. After that, they had us making dinosaur t shirts. Take a wild guess at which one is mine...

Clay art, mask making, egg and spoon racing, the list of activities goes on. I just want to give a special to my favourite, the inflatable planetarium. I've never actually been in a planetarium before and oh boy was it fun. Now I have a new addition to my bucket list, to visit the planetarium at the Royal Observatory. I love the sky. I love stars. The worst part about living in London is forgetting what the sky looks like on a clear night, free from light pollution. Last year I got so sad that I forced my dad to drive me out to the countryside so we could take pictures of the stars. Anyway, enough rambling. They had a lovely presentation designed by NASA that taught us why we couldn't feasibly survive as a race on Mars or Venus. 

The important bit to take from this post is that I enjoyed my evening, it was certainly worth doing once but I probably wouldn't look into doing anything like this again (unless they brought the price down). 

Thanks for reading, pals

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