A Weekend in Berlin


As the title suggests, I spent 48 hours in Berlin. The closest I'd been to Germany prior to this trip was the German part of Switzerland (specifically, Bern) which was very nice indeed, so I had high expectations for Germany itself. I thought I'd come away with some lovely pictures but the German weather had other plans. It was horrendously foggy. So foggy in fact that I couldn't see up the TV tower or any other monuments I was looking forward to capturing. Not to worry, I'm sure I'll be allowed back again. This was also my first, and second, flight alone. I'm not a confident flyer and despite flying at least twice a year since as long as I can remember, I seem to feel a great deal of discomfort when I fly. It hasn't always been this way. As I've gotten older, I've grown a distaste for taking off and turbulence. For a more visual representation of what I got up to, check out my vlog here.

To ensure that I don't end up writing a novel, I'll stick to the highlights and important things to note. Highlight #1: Monkey bar. Monkey bar is located in a hotel called 25hours. On the top floor of the hotel is cocktail bar with a view of the city and also the zoo (we actually got to watch the monkeys being fed whilst we sipped on our Mai Thai's). The cocktails were horrifically strong and I was feeling it after just one... I mean, I also started drinking before eating that day so that might have had something to do with it. The atmosphere was perfect, the prices were comparable to London (13€ for a cocktail, 16€ for a massive portion of chicken and sweet potato fries) and the decor was right up my street. I would highly recommend this bar to any of my fellow cocktail enthusiasts and it was most certainly my favourite of the trip. 

Highlight #2: The Hat Bar, also a very nice place to have a drink. It's a live jazz bar in the evening and I'd been dying to see some jazz for quite a while. Unfortunately, they do not serve cocktails so it was just a flying visit. Lively jazz and a welcoming ambience, what more could you want on a Saturday evening?

Highlight #3: The Holocaust Memorial is a very interesting piece that we found after visiting the Brandenburg Gate. I would highly recommend going at night time (especially if foggy) to have a wander round. You'll be met with a tense eeriness that can only be rivalled in certain horror films. 

Highlight #4: The Mall of Berlin is a massive, and I mean massive, shopping centre. If you wanted to do any shopping whilst you're in Berlin, that's the place to go. We ended up strolling through then down the road to Lindenbrau which was a very cute, and very traditional, beer restaurant. 

Thing to note #1: EVERYTHING IS SHUT ON SUNDAY. Berlin, you have excellent opening hours on your bars, but terrible Sunday trading hours as they are entirely non existent. Our options were between bowling and the zoo/aquarium (that honestly looked a little bit depressing from where we were sitting in Monkey bar. 

Thing to note #2: I'm not sure if this is true for all public transport ticket issuing machines but the one on the ubahn only accepted German cards (i.e. Maestro but no Visa), remember to get some euros out. 

Thing to note #3: There are apparently no rules against smoking in bars. Prepare to have your clothes smell and lungs clogged. 

Nevertheless, I look forward to visiting again now I know how easy it is to get to from London. Perhaps next time I'll try different parts of Germany or go mid-week!

Thanks for reading, pals

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